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Two Italian initials that tell a story. A family, the Krüll, has taken over the reins of the company since 1869, from an old factory in the heart of the city of Treviso. Acca Kappa is born from a lifestyle that is derived from taste, culture and elegance. A historic brand in the creation of perfumes, brushes and professional products for body care and well-being. A world of olfactory sensory experiences and inspired by the fragrance of flowers and plants from the Italian garden. Four generations of artisans who make each piece, every little detail. Absolute and authentic passion for simplicity and beauty. This family business, which has become an industrial center, remains faithful to the eternal values: love for nature and absolute respect for the body of women and men.

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Acca Kappa presents its “Barbershop” line, specially formulated for beard care. Shampoo, conditioner and serum for your treatment. It meets the needs of men who follow trends. All Acca Kappa quality for complete care.


Exclusive lines of personal care products for the most demanding man. Shaving creams and soaps; lotions and perfumes; gels, shampoos and body. Toiletries for men. Shaving brushes and razors of exclusive designs and noble materials, made by hand.


Brush manufacturer since its inception. Acca Kappa continues to manufacture in Italy in an almost artisanal way a complete range of brushes and combs for all types of hair and for all jobs. High-quality professional brushes and toilet brushes and combs with the highest quality standards and the most careful design.

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